3 Card Brag Rules

3 card brag rulesGetting the 3 card brag rules in place when playing is very important in any live game, online it’s much easier as no one can argue about high hands etc which makes it a much more pleasant experience.

There are 2 kinds of brag game so to make things (hopefully) easier we have split the rules into sections, just click  either our dedicated 3 card brag page traditional rules or choose to see the online 3 card brag rules.

Every card school has a set of rules for their game of 3 card brag, below I have outlined our rules which have been the most common set if rules for 3 card brag found in most UK pubs and clubs. We are talking about normal three card brag not some of the weird versions which you may have come across.

Quick 3 Card Brag Rules Guide:

  • Play always moves clockwise
  • The deck is never shuffled unless a prial is dealt (it is online)
  • Ace-2-3 is the highest run
  • Three threes is the highest hand
  • A run (straight) beats a flush
  • An open bettor can’t raise a blind bettor
  • A blind bettor can raise an open bettor
  • When 2 are players left an open player can call a blind man after 3 more  bets
  • If two identical hands show down the caller loses
  • All cards play i.e Ace-9-8 would beat Ace-9-7

3 Card Brag Online

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It’s very simple yet also complicated at the same time!! There is more info on the subject, and some very good in depth explanations available on the 3 card brag home page.

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