3 Card Brag Tells

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The term “play the player, not the cards” has never been more true than when playing 3 card brag in your local pub or club. The fact that many players understand, or even care about strategy is a huge plus point for those who are looking to make money playing the game.

You have to remember that unlike a professional poker tournament 3 card brag is played for fun and drink will be flowing, the action will be fast with hardly any pauses, not a lot of thinking will be happening so make your judgements quickly and look for 3 card brag tells from the other players.

What is a tell?

A tell is a sign you can take from another player to gain information about what kind of hand they may have. The tell could be subtle or blatantly obvious, and at the 3 card brag table the latter is more common. What ever you do never let anyone know you are on to them.

Below we have listed the most common tells associated with 3 card brag players, you will most definitely run into these if you play brag for real money so please use them to your advantage.

Most Common 3 Card Brag Tells

The I’m Not Interested Face – This is so obvious yet often overlooked by most. When playing 3 card brag take a look at your opponents as they take the first look at their cards, especially if they have been betting blind for a long time. Once they have seen their cards if they appear uninterested in the hand by turning or looking away, yawning or staring upwards then you can bet your last £1 that they have a very, very good hand.

It’s basically the opposite reaction of the real urge to smile or shout about how good their hand really is. While poker players have mastered hiding this by having a poker face, 3 card brag players have yet to get to grips with it.

How Do They Look at Their cards? Often in 3 card brag players won’t just pick up their 3 cards and look. After a few rounds of betting blind they will often reveal them to themselves slowly by squeezing them one at a time from behind one another.

While they are doing this they are giving you a wealth of information and facial expressions to match. Keep an eye on their face and the way in which they look at their 3rd card in particular as this is where the real info is to be found.

Example 1 – After betting blind a player picks up their cards and holds them flat in front of him, he slides one from behind the first, so can  now see 2 cards. If he slides the last hidden card upwards slowly rather than sideways as before, he is looking for a flush and uses this way of revealing it to see the colour rather than the number or value.

Example 2 – If a player again hold the cards hidden behind one another and slides one card out, the slides the third card slowly also sideways then that player is looking to make run. This is the most likely scenario although he could have had a pair showing with his first 2 cards and been hoping for a prial.

The best way to judge which one it is can be done by looking at their face as they see their cards for the first time, a genuine disappointed face means they have missed their run, while an over exaggerated disappointed face, followed by an open bet means they have made it. A slightly disappointed face which looks genuine followed by an open bets will most likely mean they have a high pair.

More tells to follow so please keep checking back to PlayBrag.com

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