3 Card Brag Terminology

If you are new to playing 3 card brag you really need to know what people are saying, more importantly you need to know what it means!! Below is out guide to 3 card brag terminology and explanations which we hope help you get to grips with the lingo.

The below are common saying, words or expressions heard when playing 3 card brag.

A Run – A run in 3 card brag is basically a straight. 3 cards running in order i.e 2-3-4.

A Prial – 3 cards of the same value i.e 3-3-3 which is the highest hand possible in 3 card brag.

Light – To be light means you haven’t paid the ante to be dealt in, no put enough or any money in.

Blind – To not have seen your cards i.e bet £1 blind.

Open – To be betting and gave looked at your cards.

Jump Run – A term used to try and convince others that hands such as 2-4-6 are legitimate. . . they are not!

Cover the pot – Player can often cover the pot if they run out of money during an active hand. It means they cover the pot so far with their cards and take no further part in what follows but can still win the pot they cover.

Ladies – This means Queens i.e a pair of Queens or prial of queens being 3 ladies.

Hooks – Better known as Jacks to most people.

Ducks – A name given to the 2 card, i.e a pair of ducks being two two’s.

Loads more to be added, if you know some 3 card brag terms that should be listed please let us know by emailing [email protected]

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