3 Card Brag Tips, Tricks and Tactics

3 card brag tipsLet’s talk about 3 card brag tips, tricks and tactics! Playing both in your local pub or round your mates house is fun, but you want to win right? Read our tips, little tricks and some tactical moves below and make sure you win at 3 card brag, just about each and every time.

Below we go through tips for playing 3 card brag in a live environment. We hope this makes you a better player!

Live 3 Card Brag Tips Down The Pub!

  • Be aware of cheating!
  • Look behind you for people watching and signalling other players
  • Watch for people “splashing the pot”
  • Don’t let any shiny object be on the table, even a glass of coke reflects cards.
  • Keep an eye out for someone counting cards, or rearranging their order before dealing
  • Learn how to count cards yourself – 3 card brag card counting
  • Get to know your odds and 3 card brag hands

Winning money playing 3 card brag in the pub is pretty easy. Just take your time and watch as the drinks flow and how much everyone else changes, people become a lot braver and bet blind more and for higher amounts.

The trick to winning in the pub is to keep sober (or soberish) and take advantage of everyone’s state of drunkenness!

Brag IS NOT POKER! The players you are playing against are pure gamblers, at least that’s true most of time. You won’t hear any fancy check raise, 3 betting or preflop mumbo jumbo.

3 Card Brag is gambling and the players are gamblers. Bear this in mind and use it to your full advantage.

Go along and bet blind a round or two, don’t draw attention to yourself but keep an eye on everyone else. Let them bet madly blind and make sure when you have a good enough hand that you are the one left facing them at show down.

Tips In a nutshell

  • Just pay attention
  • Don’t get drunk
  • Don’t stand out and be hardly noticed
  • Learn how to count cards
  • Make sure your not being cheated
  • Have plenty of money

There is a bit of 3 card brag strategy you can learn, but to be honest it all goes out the window. You can’t predict anything that will happen in a game of brag, so enjoy it and keep your wits about you.

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