I spent most of my youth in pubs, it’s nothing to be proud of and something I don’t want my own kids to do but that’s the way it was. I started playing 3 card brag when i was around 8 Years old against my uncles at Christmas and always seemed to win, but they probably let me!

By the age of 14 I was in the local pubs on Saturday afternoons huddled in the corner trying to look all grown up, I was playing brag for real money that I had made from my 3 paper rounds or by selling alcohol to friends on a Friday night seeing as i could get served even at that young age. I didn’t look particularly old i think it was more of a confidence thing!

By 17 I was playing bigger games and meeting more of the shady folk who gathered to play bigger stakes brag games, I did ok but did once lose a car! We mostly played with local wheeler dealers or travelling contractors, these games sometimes ended badly but the majority of the time it was just fun, a social thing, a laugh, a drink and a gamble . . . A Game of Cards!

I learned quite a lot about gambling in general from some of the people I met playing brag, I learned how to cheat for a start which if honest i only used on a handful of occasions. I met some real old timers and great characters who opened my eyes to gambling in all it’s form, no matter if it was 3 card brag or pitch n toss (often said as pigeon toss) i was always there.

As I grew older and started a family the trips to the pub became less frequent, now I’m in my mid 30’s well settled down!

In 2003 I left my job as a ground worker and began playing online poker successfully and soon after open an online poker club for UK Poker Players. As i learned more about building web sites and writing informative pages for readers I looked at something I knew well ” 3 Card Brag” I noticed there was no information about a game that was once the most popular card game around!

With the lack of 3 card brag information around I build my first web site about this game and soon became an authority site, I sold that web site a long time ago and it’s since been neglected by the new owner. I found this both annoying and a complete waste so here I am again making this web site about how to play 3 card brag.

Looking back through other 3 card brag sites I can say with hand on heart just about everything written online that’s of any use was written by me. That’s one of the driving factors behind me making this new site, If I know more about it than most, or can share at least some of my experiences, then why not?

So there is some info about me and why I am building this web site all about three card brag.

If you like the game and have your own site I’d love it if you could link to me, write a blog? Link to me. . . Please?

Linking to the web site www.playbrag.com will help this new site become an authortity site, somewhere that people can come and learn about the classic card game and help give it a new lease of life.

Thanks for reading and I truly hope you enjoy the web site, work will continue and new content added on a regular basis, don’t forget to call back.