Basketball Star Online Slot Review

A sports-themed slots game isn’t unusual in the world of video slots and Basketball Star by Microgaming makes use of one of the most popular sports there is as its theme of choice. It’s specifically a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 243 paylines available.

The game has a basketball court backdrop and its iconography makes use of semi-real istic yet exaggerated drawings reminiscent of those from Mad Magazine. You know, they’re not completely cartoony but they use a caricature-style rendering.


The 5-reel, 3-row video slots title has the standard gameplay of mixing and matching similar icons together to form 3-of-a-kind to 5-of-a-kind combinations that earn you money and add different multipliers to your original bet. You can also play the game for free without stakes if you like. Or let it spin without interruptions with Autoplay.

Also, Basketball Star uses strange iconography choices involving literal basketballs, a set of drinks, basketball shoes, the clipboard that the coach uses to make his plays, basketball players in the middle of taking a shot, and so forth. To place the highest bet possible, choose the Max Bet option.

Bonus Rounds

The multipliers available range from 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 10x. Your potential multiplier depends on which symbol combo you get. Although the game lacks a bonus game or progressive jackpot, it does have Wilds and Scatters included. You can also activate up to 25 Free Spins during the Free Spins round with increasing multipliers as you play.

Wilds substitute for all other symbols to increase your chances at achieving a winning combination save for special ones like Scatters. The Wild icon can appear stacked on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th reel. There’s also the Wild Shot Feature, which happens randomly in the middle reels (2nd to 4th) and activates Rolling Reels feature.

Pros and Cons

The game has great effects when the crowd goes wild in the background, relatively exciting animations, superb graphics for a generic sports game title, well-designed basketball-related symbols, and various bonus symbols. The celebrating crowd is a particularly nice touch.

To nitpick, the Scatter symbol is rather lazily labeled as “Scatter” and the caricature art style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You also have the fact that there are no bonus rounds or a progressive jackpot included. The symbols used aren’t very inspired either, although they’re all decently rendered.

Being a Microgaming slot means it’s available on some of the safest online casinos in the World. The majority of the big brands use Microgaming as they are a true innovator in the slots, and online games sectors.


There’s not one real-life basketball star in sight with the game, which makes the slots feel amateurish even though designers have no choice but to do that in light of it being an original IP sports-themed slot game. It just feels like it’s portraying a random high school basketball team.

Aside from the amateurish and generic feel and the use of unimaginative symbols, this sports-themed slots game plays fine. It’s mainly exciting because of its Free Spins system that includes multipliers that should work wonders when you’re on a hot streak with the game.

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