Brag is Now Available Online

It’s a game that was once the most popular card game in the United Kingdom, played by hundreds of thousands of people at just about every place imaginable. The game is of course 3 card brag and it’s now available online to play for real money against others from around the World.

This is a very simple game to play and offer a welcomed break from the constant torment of poker and its associated strategy. Not only is 3 card brag now available online it’s also becoming one of the fastest growing games and could be the “next big thing”.

If you have never heard of the game before it’s very similar to 3 card poker played in live casinos except you play against other players rather than the dealer. Betting will be familiar to most as it uses blinds to get the action started,  although the use of blinds is not common in live games does help in the one variant.

We are very pleased to see this game available and urge you to check it out foe yourself. Welcome back 3 card brag!

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