Can You Raise a Blind Man in 3 Card Brag?

can you raise a blind man in brag

can you raise a blind man in  bragAnother question answered below that involves the term “blind man” this just means a player who is betting without having looked at their cards, betting in the dark i suppose it could also be called. Many of the questions we receive involve the rules surrounding blind betting/calling.

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Question: Can You Raise a Blind Man in 3 Card Brag?

Answer: NO if you are open, YES if you are also blind.

If you have looked at your cards you cannot raise someone who has not. They can raise you and as you should know being open will cost you double a blind mans bet so be wary of that. If you make the mistake of trying to raise a blind player they DO NOT have to increase their bet but your is now higher.


Blind bettor: £1

You Open: £2

Blind Bettor: £1

You Open: £10

Blind Better: £1

You Open oops: . . .£10

You CAN Raise a Blind man if you are also blind, anyone else who is involved in the hand “blind” must at least match that bet, anyone who is in the hand “open” must pay double that bet.

It may seem a little confusing but it really is a very simple game to learn and play. The aspect of betting blind is what makes it one of the best loved card games of all time.

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