Card Game Rules, How to Play Guide for Popular Card Games

Welcome to the card game rules page, here we show as many card games as we can, explain the rules and show you how to play both at home, in the pub, in a real life casino or online. Rules are the most important part of any card game. Without them how do you know who wins?

That said the main reason for having rules is to stop any disagreements when playing cards, especially when playing for real money! This website was originally made to show all about 3 card brag, which included the rules and how to play. Since then we have evolved to show more rules for card games from around the World.

Our focus is mainly on UK card games, the games we played growing up with grandparents, then later in the pub for real money. We are constantly adding new card game rules, learning new games ourselves and trying to provide as much information as we can. If you would like to have a card game featured, or contribute some information please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

It’s quite common for arguments to start over rules when playing cards. We have tried to help by listing new card games as often as we can to get things in order.

All Card Game Rules.

Follow the links below to the card game of your choice to see the rules, learn how to play, discover the betting structure and perhaps a little strategy to help you out.

Please note we are working on new game rules, and the website daily. Please call back for much more info in the very near future.