3 Card Brag Card Counting

Cheating and counting the cards in 3 card brag is really easy and something you can learn (if you are that way inclined) or something you need to watch out for when playing against others.

This was taught to me when i was about 13 Years old, I’m now in my 40’s and the old guy who showed me was a real old school gambler. I have used this method many times over the Years, probably into the hundreds and made a lot of money from strangers in pubs and clubs.

I made the video below to show how it’s done. The important thing is to not make it obvious and make sure everyone takes their deal in turn.

This only works with 3 or 6 players but is a good tool to have in your arsenal.

Be Careful When Doing This

To be honest i once lost a lot of money using this when somehow, someone missed their deal and i thought i should have had a prial of 4’s. What i actually had was Jack high and the person I was against whom after around 20 rounds of betting was open had the prial.

It can be a costly mistake as that one was. That said you could simply not cheat and just watch the video so you know how to spot others who might!

We regularly add other way of cheating when playing cards, but also have full rules and guides to help players understand how to play card games from all around the World. 3 card Brag is my favourite game however and our website was once just about this game!