Craps Dice Control & Handling

Craps dice controlProponents of dice control claim that they can influence the outcome of rolls, thus transforming craps from an entirely random game into something more akin to darts.

Ever since the craps dice control theory starting gaining traction in the 1990s, it has been a controversial subject. Some players swear by it, while the skeptics and the unsuccessful dismiss it as nothing more than a way for certain authors to sell books. In either case, it’s worth exploring.

How Dice Control Works

Numerous books have been written on how dice control (aka dice setting) works, so this section only offers a basic overview. Basically, the art of dice control can be broken up into three steps. The first of these is the grip, and experts agree that your hands should touch the dice as little as possible. Equal pressure is also important.

Once the dice are properly held in your hand, you need to align the dice with the proper section of the craps table. The most important of these is the fore-aft axis, which runs along the length of the table. If your grip is proper, the faces and edges of the dice should make solid contact with the table.

Finally, there’s the delivery. If done correctly, the dice should achieve a certain amount of backspin, allowing them to gently touch the back wall of the craps table without being entirely randomized.

Books on Dice Control and Dice Setting

If you’ve decided to learn the fine art of dice control, you’re going to need help getting started. That’s where books on dice setting come in handy, and serious advantage players should note that live classes are also taught in cities such as Las Vegas.

Casino Craps: Shoot to Win ! – Written by Frank Scoblete, this book is billed as the most comprehensive craps guide ever written. You’ll learn all the physical strategies necessary to succeed at dice control, as well as the all-important mental side of the game. A free DVD is also included, showing four of the best dice control experts demonstrating their abilities.

Cutting Edge Craps: Advanced Strategies for Serious Players – Another dice control book from Frank Scoblete, this text teaches you how to evaluate your throws, learn new playing methods, and how to succeed against bouncy craps tables. A ton of other information is provided, including real-life accounts of Scoblete as he puts the dice control method to use against Vegas casinos.

Wong on Dice – Penned by revered advantage player Stanford Wong, this book is packed with tales of the author using his dice control strategy in casinos. It also provides the basic information needed for getting started with dice control, although it should be viewed as a useful handbook for beginners and not more experienced practitioners.

Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! – Yet another book on dice control from expert Frank Scoblete. This book teaches the physical elements of dice control, including the proper stance, grip, throw, backspin, and bounce. Other tips include the best way to get comps, how to bet on random shooters, and the proper bankroll needed at various craps tables. Includes advice from multiple dice control instructors.