3 Card Brag Cheating

3 Card Brag Cheating 02-04-2011

3 Card Brag Card Counting

Card counting is often seen as being for mathematical geniuses, but 3 card brag card counting is not as difficult as it sounds. This method was shown to me by a very dear friend and old time card player named Les who sadly is no-longer with us. Les was a true gambler who loved nothing […]

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see the cards
3 Card Brag Cheating 01-11-2010

Seeing The Cards Being Dealt

This is a very common cheating method used in pubs when playing 3 card brag, poker, whist or in fact any card game. The cheating is carried out by whomever is dealing and allows them to see the cards being dealt to each player. The method was featured on the real hustle by Paul and […]

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