Uk Card Games

A selection of classic UK card games played around the Country. Pontoon, Shoot Pontoon, 3 Card Brag, Whist, Partner Whist, 7 Card Brag and many more.

poker popularity
Casino Promotions 23-05-2018

Online Poker Popularity Rise and Fall

Poker is undoubtedly one of the greatest card games and is still hugely popular. The boom started back in 2003 when Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker after winning his main event seat online for $86 which at the time was around £49. Since then poker schools and games were everywhere you looked. […]

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stop the bus card game
card game rules 12-05-2018

Stop The Bus Card Game, Rules and How to Play

Here’s a guide for the simple stop the bus card game popular in the UK and USA but often referred to as Blitz or Scat. This is normally a fun and family card game not associated with playing for real money like you would 3 card brag for example. Stop the bus is normally played […]

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casumo Online Pontoon
Uk Card Games 12-02-2018

Online Pontoon, Play Real Money Pontoon Online With a £300 Bonus

For those who are fans of classic card games, it’s good to know you can play online pontoon! This is a game against the house at what is one of the greatest online casinos around. Sign up and play online pontoon and you’ll get 20 free Spins on slots, plus a £300 welcome bonus on […]

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bullshit card game
card game rules 25-01-2018

Bullshit Card Game: Rules, How to Play aka cheat

The “Bullshit Card Game” is a traditional card game played a lot in the UK in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It is still played today as grandparents pass on their childhood card games to a new generation. The game is all about bluffing, it’s about lying and deceiving the other players. Not a great […]

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single deck blackjack
Uk Card Games 19-01-2018

High Stakes Singe Deck Blackjack Online

Blackjack is a World famous card game, what could be better than playing High Stakes Single Deck Blackjack online! Most brick and mortar casinos no longer have single deck because it is too easy to count the cards, but online casinos shuffle every hand and many of them do allow you to play with just […]

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casumo Online Pontoon
Uk Card Games 05-01-2018

Play High Stakes Pontoon Online

looking to play high stakes pontoon online? Look no further! Pontoon is a game just like black jack. The multi player version and the game we love was shoot pontoon, which you can’t play online…yet! At casumo you can play the High Pontoon Tables which have a minimum bet of £25 and a maximum of […]

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Uk Card Games 30-12-2017

Shoot Pontoon, Dealing, Betting, Rules, How to Play

When you remember card games of the past Shoot Pontoon was in the top 3 games played in pubs around the UK before the explosion of Poker. 3 Card Brag was phenomenally popular at the same time as shoot pontoon. Based on Blackjack in that the idea is to get 21, and an Ace and […]

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