Does a Flush Beat a Run in 3 Card Brag?

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3 card brag questionThis is quite a common question we get asked, probably because many people are now so used to playing poker both live and online and the ranking of hands in poker and brag differ slightly. So to stop the arguments we answer this question below.

Question: Does a flush beat a run in 3 card brag?

Answer: NO, a flush does not beat a run in a game of brag, never has and never will.

Same question asked another way now to avoid any confusions at all.

Question: Does a run beat a flush in 3 card brag?

Answer: YES, a run (or straight) is higher than a flush.

Nowadays it’s quite a regular disagreement over a game of 3 card brag when 2 people disagree about this simple yet confusing rule. As we said above people who have played poker know the ranking of poker hands where a flush does beat a run, in 3 card brag it does not.

This is just one of the reasons many why you need to make sure you totally understand the 3 card brag hands, know the rules and get straight anything you are unsure about before you begin playing. Online it’s easier as the program works everything out for you, playing brag in your local pub is different and with regional variations, and many card schools having their own set of rules. Make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for.

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