Is 3 Card Brag a Skill Game?

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3 Card brag like any other card game does involve an element of skill and a percentage of luck. The thing about brag is that it takes a lot of the skills mostly associated with poker to be successful which is something many 3 card brag players lack.

Basic knowledge of the game itself is a solid foundation to build upon; knowing the types of players you will face is an essential skill, along with noticing betting patterns and “tells” all of which will undoubtedly help you when playing brag in your local pub or club.

One major factor which will determine the outcome of a game of brag is where you are and who you are playing against. We will go into this in more depth in the 3 card brag strategy articles, but for now try to think where you play brag?

3 Card Brag is predominantly played in pubs by people with good jobs who just love to gamble, there is often a few characters there and many if not all will be influenced by alcohol which means by staying sober and of clear judgement you have a huge advantage.

As with any group of people you will notice tendencies, certain characteristics which can help you put these “types of player” into a category. If you really want to win when playing 3 card brag then you should do your homework and read the 3 card brag strategy available, there is money to be made playing this game and it could be you who’s winning it!!

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