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online slots and fruit machinesThere are thousands of different real money slot machines games however they normally fall under one of the categories below.

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Real Money Three Reel Slots – A three reel slot machine means just that. The game has three reels. The first three reel slot machine was the Liberty Bell, which was invented by Charles Fey in 1857.

The original Liberty Bell still exists today (although not in use) at the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant in Reno, Nevada. Today’s three reel slot machines have virtual reels and include single and multiple paylines.

The most popular real money three slots include Ballys Double Diamond, Double 3x, 4x, 5x, Pay and Triple 777.

Five Reel Slots – The five reel slot is the exact same as the three reel slot, except it has five reels. The five reel slot machines have been replaced with virtual reels and include a minimum of 5 paylines.

Real Money Video Bonus Slots – Video bonus slots are by far the most popular real money slot machine games. These games include various symbols above the standard symbols. This may include scatters and wilds in addition to a bonus round.

The bonus rounds are unique to each game offering players free spins, instant win credits or a video game feature where players have options. Examples of real money video slots include The Slotfather, Wolf Run, Monopoly slots among others.

Another difference between a video bonus slot and the standard slot is the number of paylines and payouts.

Real money video bonus slots will cost you more in the long run and can deplete your bankroll significantly faster than playing a three reel slot machine. This is due to the number of paylines available to bet and/or the number of credits per payline. The standard 25 payline nickel slot could cost you £1.25 and only pay £.25 for small wins. Video slots are available at all online casinos for money.

Real Money 3D Slot Machines – 3D slot games are the new rage these days making their way into brick and mortar casinos and online. The typical 3D slots game features a video bonus slot with five reels and multiple bonus rounds. These games are unique in that the graphics are three dimensional and contain sharper graphics and life like characters.

Megaways Slots – This is a relatively new phenomenon which is taking the slot World by storm Megaways is different to other versions in that number of ways to win is always changing. Megaways is a great name for a slot machine with a maximum number of win lines which can rise to 17,649. Obviously this could mean a huge life changing win fir some lucky players.

If you’ve never experienced these games you really should check out the best Megaway slots and give the reels a spin… You just never know!

Progressive Slots for Real Money– Progressive slots are huge money makers and a players dream come true, should they hit the jackpot. You can find a progressive slot nearly anywhere including your local casino, pub, online casino, truck stop.

The odds of hitting a progressive slot when playing with real money are astronomical but nowhere near as difficult as hitting the Powerball. That said, there are a few things you should know before you play progressive slots for real money. There are three main types of progressive slots. These are;

The Stand Alone Progressive – The stand alone progressive means just that – it stands alone. The game is not linked to any other slot machine. When played, the game will take a percentage of the bets made and place it into a pool. The game will always have a meter on top that displays the amount of the jackpot, however the prize pool on a standalone is significantly less than the area wide linked slots.

Wide Area Progressive Slots – The wide area progressives are the ones that change people lives – forever. These games are the ones you hear about on the news where a player wins millions of dollars on a single spin.

The catch with these games is that they are linked together. This means that while you could be playing “Wheel of Fortune” in Arkansas, a player in Las Vegas is playing the same game and could potentially hit the jackpot. This is also why the jackpot is able to grow so quickly.

Some of the biggest real money progressives include; Wheel of Fortune, Mega Bucks, QuaterMania. The odds of winning these slot games are massive and the payback percentage is lower than your standard slot.

Mega Bucks is the largest real money slot payout in American History. In 2003, a Georgia player won a $39 million dollar jackpot. The largest payout on real money online slots is 11.7 million Euros, equivalent to $15.9 US. This was at a Microgaming property on the Mega Fortune slot.

Proprietary Progressive Slot Machines – Proprietary slots are those owned by a single company/casino. These games are normally linked to games owned by the same gaming company. Obviously, the jackpot would be higher than the stand alone, but nowhere near as astronomical as the area wide slots.

Pokies / Australian Slots for Real Money – Pokies are  Australian slot machines. There’s no significant difference between an American made slot machine, a Canadian made slot machine or an Australian made slot machine – it’s just a different term. Australian pokies are available all across Australia, much like the US.

The Aussie poker machines are normally a video style slot machine. It’s very uncommon to find “reel” based slots in Australia. Australian gambling laws are left up to each individual state. This means that while New South Wales allows pokies in pubs and clubs, Western Australia governs games for use in the Burswood Casino only (Gaming Machine Act 1991).

Interesting Fact – Did you know that most Australian pokies are regulated to have a minimum payout significantly less than slots online or American games? Victoria has return of 87% while Queensland is as low as 85% This is on average, 8% lower than what the online pokies payout.

Fruit Machines / Pub Slots for Real Money – Fruit machines, also called “pub slots” or “pub fruities” are the British slot machines. Unlike Australia where the games are similar to American and Canadian games, the British slots are distinct in their own right.

There are two major differences between British slots and American slots. The first is the features within the game. Fruit machines are classed as a “skill” type slot machine due to the hold and nudge feature in addition to a cash ladder and bonus. This means;

  • Cash Ladder – Cash ladder is a multiplier and will keep track of the multiplier you are playing with during the bonus feature.
  • Hold – When the option presents itself, you will be able to hold one of the symbols during the next spin.
  • Nudge – When the option is presented to you, you may nudge one of the symbols to complete a winning payline.
  • Gamble Feature – This gives you a 50/50 chance at doubling your money or walking away with nothing.
  • Bonus Board – The bonus board is the bonus feature. Normally you will need to collect a certain item, and once done will trigger the bonus feature. The bonus board usually looks like a game board. When you press start, each piece on the game board will light up quickly. The object is to hit stop on the biggest payout.

The second biggest difference between a UK pub slot and an American slot machine is the payouts. In the UK, pub slots are classed accordingly and each class has specific requirements. The requirements restrict the games to specific bet size, payouts.

A class A UK pub slot will allow unlimited betting and an unlimited jackpot, while a class B real money UK pub slot pays a max payout of £4,000 with a minimum bet of £2. The American slots don’t have these restrictions, nor do the UK pub slots online.

How to Play Slots for Real Money

Playing slot machines is rather easy, although players should note, real money slots are by far the casinos biggest money maker as it has the highest house edge. The odds of winning a real money slot machine game are huge and in most cases, players will likely lose their bankroll to the casino rather than walk away with a big jackpot.

If you’ve never played a real money slot machine game before, we suggest you check out our free online slots page, which offers 20 of the top slot machine games. And it’s free!

To play a slot machine you first need to decide how much you can afford to lose. If all you have is $50, your best to find a nickel slot (or penny slot if you want to stretch your bankroll). Once you’ve found the denomination that suits your bankroll, you insert your money into the money slot. For real money online slots, your entire casino balance will be transferred to the game.

Once your game is loaded with money, you’ll need to decide how many lines you want to play (if playing a multi-payline slot machine) and the number of credits. Be careful with this feature as some games automatically load max bet. After you’ve made your selections, you simply hit the spin button and you’re good to go.

Some slot machines for real money will allow players to use auto play features. These features give you options on playing the game on auto-pilot. Normally you’ll have the option to choose how many spins, play a fixed amount, play until you lose a fixed amount, play until you’ve hit a bonus feature or play until you’ve won a jackpot. I personally don’t like this feature as it plays the game faster which means you can lose your real money balance quickly.

Slot Machine Tournaments for Real Cash – Slot machine tournaments, whether played online for real money or live at your local casino, definitely give you more bang for your buck. These games allow you to enter for a nominal fee and receive a fixed amount of credits or a specific lot of time.

The object of a real money slot machine tournament is to come out ahead of the other players. Normally what happens is this – a player will receive say 1000 credits and a 30 minute time limit. You need to win as much money as you can in the 30 minutes or with your 1000 credits.

All winnings are calculated and you will not be able to wager any of your winnings. Real money slots tournaments are available online as well, as are sit n go tournaments and heads up matches. It’s a fun way to play slot machines without going busto within the first 15 minutes.

Slot Machine Software

The software used on slot machines varies from one developer to the next. Betsoft gaming offers 3D slots while RTG has a “Reel Series”. Below we’ve listed the top software developers for real money slot machine games both land based and online.

IGT – Founded in 1975 under the name A-1 Supply, IGT (also called International Game Technology) is the largest slot machine manufacture in the world owning the majority of the market. In fact, at the end of the fiscal year ending Sept 2011, IGT reported earnings at $292 million, an increase of $72 million from the previous year. IGT produces slot machines, blackjack games, keno and even video poker.

In 1993 the company expanded to include IGT-International which caters to the European, Asian, African, and Latin American market. If you’ve ever played a slot machine at a brick and mortar casino, guaranteed it was an IGT game. The company’s biggest hits include “Wolf Run”, “Double Diamond”, “Wheel of Fortune” and “Elvis”.

Bally Technologies – Bally Technologies was originally founded as a pinball machine company back in 1934. It wasn’t until the early 60’s when the company was bought by a group of investors that it began to flourish and dominate the slot machine industry.

Bally has a strong history in the United States due to their overwhelming success as well as an alleged past in organized crime. They eventually expanded their business and bought the Six Flags theme parks, health and fitness centers and the infamous MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The most popular slot machine by Bally’s is the “Betty Boop” real money slots game. This is an area wide linked progressive slot with a massive jackpot.

What’s unique about this game is you’re not forced to play a specific denomination. The Betty Boop slots (also referred to as The Thrillions”) allow nickel, quarter and dollar bets with all games connected to one progressive. Just make sure you bet all three coins to qualify for the jackpot. ( I have missed out on the JP once)

Real Time Gaming – Real Time Gaming, more commonly referred to as RTG was founded in 1998 and has become one of the top five software developers for online slots. Although the software does produce other games, specifically table games, their specialty is slot machines.

There are two different styles of real money slots at RTG casinos. The original 2D games which replicate those you would find way back in the early 90’s and the more modern versions, dubbed “Reel Series”. The new “Reel Series” slots feature locked wilds, moveable wilds and guaranteed win bonus rounds.

Real Time Gaming slots include progressive jackpots on each machine which is their signature trait. Games that aren’t considered to be a true progressive, offer a random progressive jackpot. This means that any winning combination can payout the major or minor jackpot. In total, RTG has developed over 105 slot machines.

Playtech – The Playtech software was first introduced in 1999 and has since become one of the top three software developers for online slots. Playtech slots are available on over 160 different casinos (some good and some rogue) and supports over 200 different online slot machines.

Playtech was the first software developer to introduce live casino games and provides some of the biggest progressive jackpots for online slot machines (next to Microgaming). Popular games available through Playtech include Bonus Bears, Kong (based off of the 2005 King Kong movie), Gold Rally and Cinerama. The most distinct feature is the “Bonus Ball” bet, which is a side bet on a select group of slot machines.

Betsoft Gaming – Betsoft Gaming is a relatively new software developer for online casinos. This company specializes in 3D slots, which are unique to online slot players. Betsoft’s 3D slot machines are dubbed Slots3, and offer at least two featured bonus rounds, designed with creative and entertaining characters and obviously in 3D. The popular Betsoft slots include “Mamma Mia”, “Rockstar”, “2 Million BC” and “Three Wishes”.

Wagerworks – Wagerworks is an online subsidiary of International Game Technology. Essentially, IGT has created a secondary company which in turn licenses the original IGT slot machines to online casinos. This means that if you want to play IGT slots online, you’ll have to find a Wagerworks casino. Wagerworks slots are not available to everyone. Due to gambling restrictions, players in Canada and the United States are exempt from being able to access these games. Wagerworks offers 45 different real money online slots include Monopoly, Battleship, Wolf Run and Elvis.

Microgaming – Microgaming is by far the biggest software developer for online slot machines. This company has created and produced over 250 different slots including at least two new slot machines each month.

They also hold the record for the largest progressive jackpot online (see above). Microgaming software is available on 184 different real money casinos. Some unique features include the “Payback System” which allows real money slot players to view a complete and detailed history of their playing sessions. The software also categorizes games by specifics. This includes three reel, progressives, video bonus slots, five reel and recalls favorite games.

Big Time Gaming – Australian-based Big Time Gaming have fast become the most influential slot studio in the industry. CEO Nik Robinson has not hidden the company’s ambition of changing the slots landscape for good, and features like Megaways™, Triple Reaction and Reel Adventure have all done just that, turning a whole new audience onto the thrill of high variance video slots. Games like Bonanza, Danger! High Voltage, White Rabbit and Kingmaker Megaways™ have all become instant classics and their huge payout potential has attracted gamblers who take their slots seriously.

These games can be cruel, but they can also drive huge win sequences as witnessed on many big win videos published on YouTube. If you think you are up to the challenge all the latest games from this developer can be found on this list of the best Big Time Gaming slot sites and casinos