Play Three Brag Online With Live Dealers

live dealer 3 card brag

We are happy to announce you can now Play 3 Card Brag Online with Live Dealers. Also known as 3 card poker or casino brag, you’ll be pleased to know that the all singing, all dancing, UK focused casino at Titan Bet do offer live dealer 3 card brag with amazing live dealers.

Titan Bet Casino are known for a reliable operation, safe, secure and a big name we all know and trust.

Live Dealer 3 Card Brag

play 3 card brag online, live dealers
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Live Dealer 3 Card Brag Features

  • Play 3 Card Brag Online With Live Dealers
  • Totally UK Focused Online Casino - Play in GBP £££
  • Get a Whopping 200% Depsoit Bonus
  • Massive Choice of ALL Casino Games

Live Dealer 3 Card Brag Basics

  • Game Type : Live Dealer Games
  • Software : Titan Bet Live
  • Minimum 3 Card Brag Bet : £1
  • Maximum 3 Card Brag Bet : £25
  • What are The Dealers Like? : Select Your Favorite from the Casino Lobby!

Titan Bet casino are offering you all a 200% deposit bonus up to £300 to try it for yourself – Deposit £150 Have £350 to Play With Instantly!

The game isn’t strictly for highrollers, high stakes tables are available, and VIP tables offer more rewards as a thank you from the casinos. Some tables have bets as low as £1.The average table stakes are minimum bet £2.50, maximum bet £25.00.

How To Play 3 Card Brag Online – Live Dealer Version.

Playing live dealer 3 card brag online is pretty much the exact same as when you play 3 card brag online against any casino. The only difference is the setting is unique, you are practically in a casino, watching and playing along as they seamlessly live stream the action to your pc.

If you are unsure of the rules, please see our online 3 card brag rules for full details of how to play, odds and betting strategy.

Quick Rules Summary of 3 Card Brag Online:

Simply choose your Ante and get dealt 3 cards, and 3 to the dealer. If you think your 3 Card Brag hand has a good chance of beating the dealer, they you pay the amount the same as your ante to “play”.

As long as the dealer´s hand “qualifies” (Queen high or better), and your hand is higher, you won double your total staked (Ante + Play combined), or lose both ante and “play” if unfortunately the dealer win.

Of the dealer does NOT qualify, the “play” stake is returned (“pushed”) and the ante stake doubled.

Remember to play the “pair plus bet” it’s gives you a higher percentage of winning, statistically you should always be placing the pair plus bet in 3 card brag.

Pair Plus Bet Payouts:

  • Prial (Three of a Kind) = 40/1
  • Running Flush (Straight Flush) = 30/1
  • Run (Straight) = 6/1
  • Flush = 4/1
  • Pair = Evens

Play 3 card brag online with live dealers, its great fun. Not only that, as you can see the action unfold in front of your eyes. It removes some of the skepticism many people have about how fair online casino’s are.

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