Teen Patti Play Online Real Money, Rules, How to Play

Teen Patti is the most popular card game in India. Sometimes called 3 Patti, or Teen Pathi it is closely related to 3 Card Brag.

A few Years back there was multiplayer Teen Patti Online for Real Money. Sites like Teen Patti Party, and 3Patti came along and looked amazing. Unfortunately these multi-player card rooms for Indian players didn’t last and no longer exist.

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Simply put the closest thing to playing Teen Patti Online is playing Live 3 Card Poker at India’s biggest and best Online Casino.

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Although you are playing against the casino instead of other players, the experience of playing in a live casino online is a fantastic one.

Teen Patti Rules.

Playing teen Patti is fun and fast paced. It’s so closely related to 3 Card Brag that we assume the UK learned the card game whilst in India, and made some very subtle changes to make it their own.

Hand rankings for Teen Patti Ranked Best to Worst.

A Trail or set which is 3 cards of the same value – AAA is the higehst 222 is the lowest trail – this is a Prial in 3 card brag.

A Pure Sequence, Known as a running flush. 3 Cards in sequence i.e 3,4,5 all of the same suit.A-K-Q is the highest, followed by A-2-3 Then K-Q-J, Q-J-1- and so on. the lowest pure sequence in teen patti is 2-3-4.

Sequence aka Run is 3 cards of any suite in numerical order. the highest being A-K-Q, followed by A.2.3, K-Q-j, Q-J-10 and so on. Once again the lowest sequence is 2-3-4.

Color, or Colour also known as a Flush. any 3 cards of the same suit. A-K-J being the highest Colour in teen patti without it becoming a pure sequence. 2-3-5 is the lowest colour or flush.

A Pair – As in any card game a pair is 2 cards of the same face value. A-A is the highest followed by K-K, Q-Q, J-J, 10-10, 9-9 and so on. The 3rd card in your hand does come into play if both players have the same pair.

For example: if both players showed a pair of kings the player with the highest value 3rd card would win.

K-K-9 would beat K-K-7 – If both had the same value 3rd card, which ever player called would lose which is the same as in any tie.

High Card – Any 3 cards od different value not in sequence and not the same suit. A-K-J would be the highest followed by A-k-10 and so on. the lowest high card hand in teen patti is 2-3-4.

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