Three Card Brag is Making a Comeback

It’s a classic card game and with all things that are truly great it’s coming around again. In much the same way as flares 3 card brag is making a massive comeback and it’s party down to the fact you can play 3 card brag online and partly down to the fact people just can’t get enough of it!

In our humble yet correct opinion this card game has been out of the limelight for too long. In the past 3 card brag was featured in one of the best British films ever made; Lock Stock and Two Smokin Barrels where we saw Hatchet Harry taking Eddy and the boys for a half a million by cheating using a spy camera used by Barry the Baptist (Lenny Mclean). Although far fetched cheating is common but not online which makes it much safer, and after all who want to owe someone call Hatchet Harry money!

The film also starred Vinny Jones who is well known for his love of playing 3 card brag along with Jason Statham, both of whom went on to feature in some huge Hollywood blockbuster films. Games of Brag were common on the set of Lock Stock as we saw in the extras on the Dvd. Everyone red blooded male in the UK has that dvd right?

Many famous footballer are also partial to a game of 3 card brag and of course poker, but as poker begins to lose its popularity 3 card brag is moving back in to the thick of the action and making an epic comeback.

We really can’t wait for this to happen fully but you can help and enjoy a game of 3 card brag by playing online today. Get a £20 bonus and help raise the profile of what was and will again be the most popular UK card game of all time!

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